Michael Kiesling,

Good day to whom it may concern,

'I would just like to thank Patrick from ASK who came to the aid of our neighbor in Betty’s Bay this past week.

On Monday 13 April at about 12:00 a huge bunch of baboons were going down Clarence Drive and on their way popped into the plot of auntie Bettie Kleynhans. They broke open a small kitchen window with a wooden frame and got into her house where they helped themselves amongst other things with mango’s and avo’s and breaking items in the process. They were going around and in and out the house and caused the frightened lady to panic, because she didn’t succeed in chasing them away.

After she activated the panic button, Patrick from ASK reacted immediately and came to her aid in a few minutes. Once he got the baboons to flee, he realized that they can’t leave the broken window unattended. Thus he did the necessary to secure the window. On behalf of aunty Betty and myself I would like to congratulate Patrick on going more than the extra mile in serving our community, especially the more vulnerable.

He is a good ambassador for ASK and a role model for others in this challenging and highly competitive industry.
Sedrick Taljaard
Michael Kiesling,

Donderdag 28 November is MILIFELINE en ASK Sekuriteit behoorlik getoets en ek moet sê hulle het die toets met vlieënde vaandels geslaag. In die vroeë oggendure het ek besef dat ek baie dringend mediese hulp benodig, danksy my MYLIFELINE horlosie, wat ek maar onlangs gekry het, kon ek net die noodknoppie druk. Dit was ontsettend gerusstellend dat die beheerkamer met my op my horlosie kon praat en dat ek geweet het al my kontakpersone kry nou 'n nood sms op hul selfone. Soos blits het my bure, Andrè en Nico, gereageer en binne minute was Nico by my met Henk Geldenhuys van ASK op sy hakke. Nico en my suster Marie, wat 'n opgeleide verpleegster is kon in samewerking met ASK, die regte besluite neem. Hulle het besef ek moet so spoedig moontlik vloeistof binneaars kry en by 'n noodeenheid kom.

'n Ambulans is ontbied en Nico en Henk het hier gebly tot die ambulans opgedaag het. Ek is oneindige dank aan die twee manne verskuldig vir die besondere onderseuning wat hulle my gegee het, dit kon nie vir hulle maklik gewees het nie.

Baie dankie ook aan MILIFELINE en ASK wat die bal aan die rol gesit het. 'n Ekstra dankie aan ASK vir die besondere diens en voordele wat julle aan jul kliënte gee en dat ons altyd op julle kan staatmaak. Met al hierdie ondersteuning, voel ek vreeslik veilig en woon ek baie, baie lekker in Bettiesbaai.

Wens net, almal daar buite, wil besef dat ons vir ons eie veiligheid verantwoordelik is. Ek het nooit kon dink dat ek, so gou, hierdie besondere diens dringend gaan nodig kry nie.

Nogmaals baie dankie Michael en almal by ASK.
Engela Moen
Good morning Michael

Just want to thank you and your IT staff for voluntarily re-positioning my WiFi antenna, when I was completely unaware that there even was a problem!!

And such pleasant people to deal with!! – polite, efficient and most helpful. Your ‘backroom boys’ apparently discovered the problem and your techs came and went with an absolute minimum of disruption.
Thank you, ASKIT for great service.

I would also like to thank your security ‘false alarm’ staff for the helpful and pleasant manner they carry out their duties. We sometimes have brief, but amusing, discussions which lighten the day!

I would be grateful if you would convey this message to all those concerned.
Dear Mr Kiessling

Many thanks for your letter.

My husband and I own a holiday home in Pringle Bay which is managed by our local agent. We also own the lot next door and will be building and moving down to Pringle permanently during the course of next year.

That said, I would like to share our experiences with Company X. Last November (approx. a year ago) it was suggested that we switch to the ‘New kids on the block’ as they were promising all sorts of added value security measures. Not living in Pringle on a permanent basis and relying on our agent to handle security issues, we thought we’d make her life easier by switching companies.

Right from the start, our dealings with X were not easy or pleasant. Their administration was poor and confusing to say the least. We got absolutely NO added value. The only value we saw was the additional costs charged on our monthly statement for all kinds of unauthorised call-outs, etc. I should also point out that their monthly rates have recently increased significantly which makes them more expensive than ASK. In short, X was a nightmare and about two months ago we made the decision to switch back to ASK. We got a fabulous welcome back from Michelle plus the offer of a special (security plus WIFI package) and the transition was handled professionally and with ease.

We are really happy to be back – you guys are approachable, solution-focussed, reliable and a pleasure to be with.

We wish you well going into 2020 and hopefully other switchers will see the light and return to ASK ????

Kind regards
Linda Kuiper
The ASK team who planned and installed our security system, are all very professional and knowledgeable about their area of expertise. Highly efficient. They're work is very neat. Where holes had to be drilled for cables to fit through, the fixed it so well that I can't see that there was a hole at all. They cleaned up behind themselves. Thank you very much. Highly recommended.
Cronje L
Requote done very quickly
John Ferreira
Fast and efficient reply to my questions
Christine Hunter
Thank you Ask security for being vigilant at all times. Last month they phoned me just after 3H00 to ascertain whether we had visitors as they noticed a vehicle parked at the top my entrance. The way it was parked drew their attention. They then established that it was a stolen vehicle, came out and searched the area to ensure that we are safe. The following week poachers had a accident with their vehicle right opposite the house, I phoned Ask and within minutes the were at the scene, again did the necessary to ensure all was safe as the poachers apparently ran in different directions. The Ask Team of Betty’s Bay are always friendly , professional and assist were they are needed.
Warm regards
Riekie Nel
Dear Wayne Kruger (ASK Pringle Bay) - today, after being away for a few days I entered my house through the back door at 17:20 but wasn't quick enough to deactivate the alarm so it went off for a few seconds. In around 5 minutes your security on duty was at my house. Thank you very much for the quick response. Now I know my alarm still works 100% and that ASK is still the best. Please convey my thanks and appreciation to your security officer who responded.
Wayne Kruger
Middag-sê mense, Ons wil net graag op rekord plaas dat ons so trots is op julle dienste.
'n Jongman het vanmiddag, ongeveer om 3.30nm, my man sien worstel om ons sekuriteitshek wat sukkel om oop en toe te gaan, te laat werk. Hy het in 9de Straat afgery.
Ongelukkig het my man nie die jongman se naam gevra nie, maar ons is so beindruk met sy hulp en vriendelike dienste wat hy aangebied het.
Dra asseblief ons opregte waardering aan hom oor. Hy sal self weet wie hier verby gery het.
Mag ons HERE elkeen van julle seën met veiligheid terwyl julle daar is om ons mense van Kleinmond se veiligheid te verseker. Mag die engele se vleuels om julle elkeen wees.
Christelike groete
Esther (en Charlie)
Hi Michael, I just want to thank your guys sincerely for the excellent assistance we had over the past few days, and I want you to please pass my thanks on to them.

We started with an issue at our place, 4999 Senecio, Bettys Bay, where we had an A/C fail on Friday afternoon. It later turned out that the earth leakage had gone faulty. Between Lawrence who went out to the house when the problem started, Neels yesterday who also had to go out, and then organised an electrician to come and repair the breaker, and Wayne who I spoke to and confirmed that everything was in order, because I was still getting delayed sms’es on my phone, your guys were absolutely great and I really appreciate all the help!
Graham Barone
Great service from Michelle and your Technical Team.
Well done a HUGE improvement from last year.
Clive Du TOit
Mel. What a legend, had a alarm last night. I came out to the restaurant, he met me at the gate, saying to him I’m sure everything is ok, probably just a bird or something. He made me wait outside till he went in first and inspected the entire restaurant carefully, and ensured all was in order, before I could enter. He was extremely polite and professional. Takes his job seriously and responsibly. ASK Security is lucky to have him on the team. Good Work.
Tom Stable
Martha very helpful and its been easy to transfer new premises over to ASK
Mecheal Wickham
Dankie vir flink diens!
Jacoba De Kock
Just wanted to make sure ASK received my recommendation of Andrew who, on at least two recent occasions, has been really considerate and helpful to me when I was doing my patrol. Even small courtesies like coming out to greet me when I arrive (and leave) and handling the strobe light etc. I am also responsible for erf 221 RE and Andrew one evening reported that the blue alarm light was not on and ensured that all was well before going on his rounds. His helpful attitude makes an excellent impression and I am duly grateful.
Thank you Andrew and ASK.
Geoff Harris
Dear Sir, We would like to bring to your attention the outstanding service which we received from Benjamin, one of your security response personnel. On Tuesday night 30th October 2018, our garage was burnt in a traumatic incident which was caused by gas bottles being set alight in our caravan. Responding to an alarm being set off , Benjamin , with no fear for his own safety, attempted to assist the woman who was thrown out of the caravan and garage by the blast which was caused when she opened the gas bottle in the caravan and lit a match. It appears that , under extremely volatile conditions, he guided her to a safe area. He ensured that she was well clear of the fire and then continued to attempt to extinguish the flames with a hose pipe as we waited for the fire department to arrive. The situation was dangerous as explosive debris was spewing and popping in all directions. There was danger of the petrol tank exploding in the car as well as other gas bottles in the caravan. THANK YOU BENJAMIN for your bravery and assistance far beyond the call of duty.
Marie Buys
Good Morning, I trust this mail finds all well at ASK Sec! Please convey my well wishes to Benjamin on his heroics for saving that ladies life! Thank you ASK Sec for your excellent services. Your staff are very committed and always prepared to walk the extra mile when needed the most! All the best to you for the challenging times ahead as we enter the festive season!
Warm Regards Angelo
Dankie vir ‘n goeie ASK Sekuriteit installasie by Boekenhoutlaan 1 gister deur twee uiters bekwame manne. Johan van Rooyen en Cornelius Marais (Dampie) is vriendelik, professioneel en luister geduldig na die klient se spesifieke behoeftes. Hulle na-installasie toetse is ook behoorlik gedoen.
Good morning, Mr Dampie Marais is a professional with excellent approach to the customer. We mark him full 10.
Ivo Zrcek
We are always quick to complain when things don't go right. This time we would like you to know about the EXCELLENT service we got from Henk yesterday (Sunday) when our very new alarm system was problematic. Henk did what he could do and he was wise enough to know when he needed help and he called in Stefan. As an elderly couple we need our alarm system to be working at all times and we were terribly worried when there was a problem. So, please pass on our grateful thanks to Henk (and to Stefan) for sorting the problem out on a Sunday.
Terry and Janet Longman
We would like to congratulate your company on employing men of the calibre of Thomas. Yesterday on Clarence Drive, just outside Pringle Bay, our car developed a puncture. While battling with a rusty jack for nearly a half hour,, Thomas in an Ask car, pulled up to assist us. Within 5 minutes, using his own jack, he had the spare wheel on, much to our relief, as we had no way of changing the wheel ourselves. Thomas had no idea that we have been with Ask for many years, and did it purely as a “good Samaritan”, and assisted us without even Asking. From now on we call him Saint Thomas. Please commend and thank him on our behalf.
Tanya Zino & Barry Crystal
Laas het ek net gekla en no uwas daar TWEE gavalle waar ASK wonderlikke werk gedoen eht en ke wil u graag ook daarvoor komplimenteer. Stuur asb na die nodie mense. Mense eht by 9de str 3 gewerk en die krag aan en af gesit en ASK het gesakel en navraag gedoen en self later uitgekom om seker te maa kals is reg. Daar eht hulel my bejaardemoeder gehelp om n yskas te skuif!!!!!! WAy beyond the call uf dutly. Laas naweek hetdie deur op Betteis gehaak en ek kon hom nie vinnig genoeg toegmaak nie - ASK was binne 5 min daar. NOU DIT IS MOS DIENS Ek dank julle.
Christelle Le Roux
I have been a customer for years now and have just moved to a new house in Pringle Bay and needed assistance with my alarm system, your manager Wayne although obviously busy at the time immediately made time for me and explained everything I needed to know including coming to the house and showing us. As I work offshore and am away half the year the security of my family is very important to me, knowing that a guy like Wayne is in charge here puts my mind to rest. He is a credit to your business!
Tarryn Pedersen
Ek is een van julle intekenaars. Ek wil net die naam van Clinton, aan diens vandag in Betties, noem. Ek het SMS gekry van krag onderbreking by my huis maar gedink dit is net gewone kragonderbreking. Clinton het my gekontak om te se daar is 'n probleem met die krag by my huis waarna hy gaan kyk het vir my en my inkennis gestel het die krag het uitgeloop. Hy het my krag nommer deur gebel en ek het die nodige pre-paid gaan koop, vir hom gestuur en hy dit vir my opgefix. Ek was ongelukkig lanklaas in Betties so konnie my pre-paid inbetaal het nie. Dit is uitstekende diens en ek wil dit net graag onder julle aandag bring. Ek is beindruk.
JP van Zyl
I would like to commend you on the great service we always receive from ASK Security. This morning when Conrad left, he activated the alarm on the ground floor whilst I was getting ready for work. I forgot to deactivate when I went downstairs and the alarm went off. I entered the code and went back upstairs, but before I could phone there was an officer knocking at our door! On previous occasions (mostly false alarms) we received the same prompt service, either telephonically or in person. In one instance the kids and I noticed someone watching our house. When Conrad phoned ASK, the officer was there within minutes to assist and he confirmed that the person was in fact a well known perpetrator. Overall we are very pleased with the prompt service we always receive from ASK Security”! A big thank you!
Cindy Erasmus
I must, in fairness to them, bring to your attention the excellent service which I recently received from Warren, Clinton and Dampie. The last month was a very trying time for us – we had 3 burglaries at Betty's Bay. The three members of your staff went out of their way to assist me in every possible way to deal with the huge problems caused by these break-ins. They all deserve a big “thank you” – this is mine to them. Please convey to them that I wrote this letter to you. I thank you for your kind assistance.
R. P. McLaren
Ons is beïndruk met ASK se flink optrede sowel as die professionaliteit en vriendelikheid van die personeel.
Andre Crafford
It is always worth acknowledging when a service provider goes beyond the call of duty. I would therefore like use the Herald columns to thank ASK for being so helpful to us on Monday 19th. I was in Cape Town when my wife phoned me, very distressed. The iron had ‘popped’ and the house was without power; the washing machine was at a standstill and she couldn’t even make a ‘cuppa’ to console herself! I tried to guide her remotely around the distribution board to solve the problem – to no avail. While not a happy solution, everything would just have to wait until my return. Not long after, ASK phoned her, “Was there a problem, they had picked up a power-break from our alarm system?” She explained what had happened. Within a very short time, Anton (she thinks) arrived and sorted the problem out. Wonderful – thank you ASK! The ‘cherry on the top’ came after dark that evening, when I was outside with a torch, feeding some electricity into our almost-depleted meter. Suddenly, I was caught in the glare of headlights and, once again, it was ASK. While patrolling he saw the light and drove in to check WHO was doing WHAT with our meter?! Keep up the good work chaps! Your efforts are much appreciated.
Geoff & Lynn Harris
Very Prompt response and friendly service.
Christoff Heidmann
Your Team was here and did an awesome job with the installation, I just want to say thanks for getting this done as quickly as you did, I understand how busy you guys are and this is much appreciated. Please extend my thanks to your installation team who are very professional in the way they did the installation and provided Technical advice.
Would not know how you can improve, you have consistently delivered top service for 15 years. Thank you.
Ditrie Geenen
Excellent high level Tech Support icw download speed.
Peter Shoty

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