Monitor and manage your home security while you're thousands of miles away.

The new Olarm App is here.

Olarm is introducing a new look to the Olarm App.
Along with the new interface branding, they’ve also added some powerful new safety features under the hood.

Connect to your panel, instantly.

Olarm auto-configures itself to your existing alarm panel within minutes.

Performance. When you need it most.

Your entire alarm in your pocket means you never miss a thing.

Reduce false alarms.

Bypass those problematic zones that drive you and the neighbours mad.

Send silent panics to your loved ones.

Send for help with a single tap. Your armed response and family members are instantly notified.

Cancel a false alarm in-app.

Olarm has introduced a new feature, you are now are able to notify the control room immediately if a activation was false, from within the Olarm app.

Note: Available for app users who have finger print or facial recognition features enabled on their smartphone.

Olarm the fastest plug & play device on the market. Connect Olarm to your alarm panel and let the system do the heavy lifting. No programming required, no more messy installations.