ASK Internet Technologies, or more commonly known as ASK IT, was established in 2015 by three passionate entrepreneurs wanting to change the landscape of how service delivery is done. Every client is a valuable asset and we strive to deliver the best possible service at all times to ensure a long-term relationship with each one.

Many ISPs want to expand their footprint as far as possible to grow the number of subscribers to the maximum. We have opted to concentrate our efforts and service to a smaller area, concentrating more on being the best in that area rather than trying to reach too far. This enables us to build a robust network for maximum performance. It also enables us to ensure fast turnaround times to get new customers connected and provide prompt after-sales support when required.
Access to broadband internet is no longer an option
It is part of everyone’s daily lives. To deliver that consistently to our customers, we have built-in multiple incoming mainstream internet feeds. If one feed should fail, traffic is automatically switched to a fail-over feed. Our network is built on fibre backhaul with delivery to clients by way of wireless technology.

Operating in collaboration with ASK Security, which has been providing monitoring and armed response services for close to 20 years in the area, we have teamed up to shake things up! Internet and Security may seem to be two completely different services but taking a closer look one realises that the two can no longer be separated. Control rooms make use of the internet to send notifications to customers. Cameras (CCTV) are viewed remotely with internet access, whether by the client or the control room. Many alarm systems can now be activated remotely with an app via internet.
Get in touch to get connected and secured.
With the above in mind, we have restructured the services offered by both companies to provide our clients with an all-in-one solution that covers both your Internet and Security needs with one account. Doing so, we can offer deals that will amaze everyone.

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