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Fight-or-flight: How your brain reacts to a threat

Knowing whether you are going to enter fight or flight mode during a dangerous situation is something you should take note of. If you are ever in a life-threatening situation, you don’t want to waste a single moment thinking whether you are going to try and hide, run away or fight, especially in a situation where every second counts.

Seeing as the fight-or-flight response is an innate human pathway, it is important to know which personality you are and then act accordingly if the situation arises.

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Let your pets run wild with our outdoor sensors

Consumer watchdog “Which?” conducted a survey in 2017, asking burglar alarm owners some of the key issues they faced when it came to false alarms. One of the top reasons was the alarm being triggered by their pets. And this was mainly related to an indoor environment, so isn’t it too farfetched to presume that pet owners might agree that false alarms caused by pets are even more likely to occur with outdoor sensors.

The stability of an intrusion detection system obviously depends on the reliability of the sensors used. One of our colleagues, an animal lover living with quite a few dogs decided to prove that an alarm system can operate in harmony with pets. He installed various Optex beams (BXI, VXI and FIT) to an alarm system and let his pets enjoy some fresh air. The test was a complete success as the sensor detected him when in the area of the beam, while the dogs could run around the detection area without setting off the alarm.

If you also think pets and intruder alarms can live in harmony, give us a call for a free assessment.

The Crime Stats

It is unfortunate, but crime has become much more of a reality in our beautiful, peaceful Hangklip-Kleinmond Area. It effects us all in some way or another.

Our expereince is telling us the mindsets of criminals is changing. The holiday home is a good target when unoccupied, but even better when occupied. Why? Because then it is at its most vulnerable and most valuable.

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Securing Your Mobile Device

Your mobile device is an amazing and easy way to communicate with friends, shop or bank online, watch movies, play games, and perform a myriad of other activities. Since your devices are such an important part of your life, here are some simple steps to keep you and your devices safe and secure.


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Loss of Power

The past couple of weeks have reminded us that our electricity supply cannot be relied upon. The return of load shedding and unplanned power outages in certain areas due to severe storms have highlighted the importance of having a backup to your security system.

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