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ASK Security has partnered with ER24 to provide 24-hour emergency medical assistance and telephonic advice. Whether you are at your holiday home or at your primary residence or on route to any location within South Africa you and your family are covered via the partnership between ASK Security and ER24.

This new partnership is a value-added service at no cost to you and your family, covering up to 5 people within a household at any given time, from family members to friends we have got you covered with medical assistance and telephonic support.
This new value-added service will come into effect as from the 1st of December 2018.

ER24 boasts fully trained paramedics, to make sure you and others at your home get the help whenever and wherever you need it.

ER24 Emergency Medical Services is the premier private emergency medical care provider in South Africa that has been providing a range of quality emergency response and pre-hospital care services since 2000.

ER24 operates from 59 bases throughout South Africa to provide #realhelprealfast. Backed by a strong footprint in all major metropolitan areas and towns, ER24 offers extensive support to private and public hospitals throughout the country. ER24 provides a range of international services.
  • Emergency Response & Stabilisation (No call out fee will be charged)
  • Medical Transportation (No charge)
  • Emergency Medical Information via 24H telephonic assistance
  • Emergency Medical Hotline via 24H telephonic assistance
  • Trauma Counselling via 24H telephonic assistance
  • Contact Number - 084 124
Emergency Medical Response, Stabilisation and Medical Transportation

ER24’s Contact Centre will immediately dispatch an appropriate road or air ambulance which is staffed by our appropriately qualified emergency medical care practitioners. Once at the scene of the incident, lifesaving support will be provided to the patient and where relevant, the patient will be stabilised before transfer is provided to the closest most appropriate medical facility/as per client customised requirements.

Our team of medical professionals will prioritise a transfer based on medical conditions, the degree of urgency, the patient’s state and fitness to travel. Other considerations include but are not limited to airport availability, weather conditions and distance to be covered as assessed by the Contact Centre doctor. Our Contact Centre and operational team will determine whether transport will be provided by medically equipped helicopter, regular scheduled flight or road. All fees here are billed via alternate reimbursement model and ER24 reserves the right to bill the Client at the ER24 tariff if no form of cover for transportation is available.

An emergency medical condition means the sudden and, at the time, unexpected onset of a health condition that requires immediate medical treatment and/or an operation. If the treatment is not available, the emergency could result in weakened bodily functions, serious and lasting damage to organs, limbs or other body parts, or even death
Service Agreement between ER24 and ASK Security cc
ER24 absorbs the costs of ambulance claims through this full risk service agreement but reserves the right to bill a Member’s medical scheme or policy that may cater for the medical transportation.

As a client, access to our 24-hour Contact Centre ensures a response which differentiates the outcome of your medical emergency for the wellbeing of your members’. ER24 will ensure that all patients are treated and admitted timorously.


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