We have all left spare sets of keys with neighbours or friends in the area. This works to an extent, but we know that in everyday life people do go away, travel to areas with no mobile phone signal or are just too far away to attend to a problem at your property. Thus, by signing up for our Key Management Plan, you can further ensure your assets are secured and can spend your time away without worrying about what is happening at your property. 



This service will be on a monthly fee basis of R30.00 per month via debit order and is available to all our clients, where you pay for the safe keeping and managing of your keys by ASK SECURITY CC personnel. TERMS & CONDITIONS APPLY.


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IN A NUTSHELL: Key management is the process of relocating a set of your keys to ASK SECURITY CC which operates 24/7. The keys are stored in a secure room inside locked cabinets and the room is under CCTV surveillance 24/7 to monitor all the activities going on inside the room.

Having a set of your keys locked away at an independent location means whatever happens at your property while you are not there ASK SECURITY CC can access your property in any emergency.

Risk levels are elevated to their maximum during periods when premises are unoccupied. Intruders have become savvy to business comings and goings and use this window of opportunity to break into a property. This is when key management come into play. If you are the unfortunate victim of a break in or experience an emergency, one advantage of key management is having a security officer on hand to check the property inside and outside to make sure everything is in order while you are not there. ASK SECURITY CC is only a phone call away and will provide you with your secure set of keys day and night. PEACE OF MIND, RIGHT?

Another benefit is that ASK SECURITY CC operates a key tag system, which means every set of keys are marked with a number allocated to the client. Authorized personnel are the only people sanctioned to book keys in or out or return them safely to you. ASK SECURITY CC keeps a log of all activities regarding the keys movements, so their every move is authorized and monitored; this eliminates any potential for human error. Authorized personnel can also help by letting in cleaners, tenants, builders and estate agents whilst you are not around. All these activities are logged to provide you with more peace of mind that your keys are safe and secure.

Terms & Conditions
1.1. Key Management Plan only available to subscribers to the alarm monitoring service rendered by ASK SECURITY CC. | 1.2. A set of keys must be left at the relevant ASK SECURITY CC office depending the area where your property is situated in. | 1.3. You as owner of the property must inform our offices when there are people collecting the keys at the office via email (we will not hand the key out without confirmation)

1.4. Please note that it is the responsibilities of the owner to inform ASK SECURITY CC with each individual pickup of the key, this notification cannot be used to cover a period. It is only valid for one key collection at a time. Unless other arrangements have been made with ASK SECURITY CC Management. | 1.5. Please note that it is the responsibilities of the owner to provide the person collecting the key with a code for the alarm system. | 1.6. ASK SECURITY CC will not be held responsible for any damages caused at your property.