our mission

We make use of the latest equipment and vast collective expertise to adapt to the various security needs of any of our clients, whatever the requirement poses. “Giving you the freedom to explore the world, while we keep what is important to you protected”. 


Mission Statement

ASK Security’s mission is to create value for its clients rendering comprehensive, professional, cost effect residential and business solutions and security services.

We at ASK Security strive to provide our clients:

  • Complete effective risk solutions and services in all aspects of security. 
  • The highest degree of professionalism and integrity at all times. 
  • Promoting a positive image through our actions and attitude, with keeping the clients and the company’s best interests at heart. 
  • A tangible difference from the industry norms, adding value to our services and our everyday activities and presence.
  • Qualified and dedicated response teams and technical support. 
  • Building long term quality relationships. 

Vision Statement

ASK Security’s vision is to become the leading security service provider in the Overstrand Area, and to grow our position as the market leader in providers of security solutions for the residential and business markets.



ASK Security believes that the success and growth of its company can only be achieved through teams of highly motivated, professional and skilled people. A work place, where employees are treated with respect and dignity, where communication is open, honest and courteous, where ethical standards are high.


ASK Security is committed to providing quality products and outstanding service to all its customers and believes that a high standard of ethical behavior is paramount to achieving this standard.

Dresscode & Behavioral Standards

ASK Security has adopted a strict dress code, whereby employee appearance and behavioral standards are protective of the company’s reputation as regards to its integrity and credibility.

Social Responsibility

In addition to staff development, ASK Security makes financial contribution to various social upliftment and development projects locally and in and around South Africa.

How security is making a difference

Employment Equity

ASK Security has adopted an equity employment policy which promotes equal opportunity and fair treatment in employment, through the elimination of any discrimination practices and prejudice and creates an environment in which every employee has an opportunity for advancement. 

A development approach is taken towards affirmative action with the focus on education and training. Training needs are identified and the principle of “learning through experience” as well as formal training is encouraged and adhered to in the company. 

Employees are encouraged to actively participate and share in attaining higher knowledge by reading the training manuals, which act as a guide to improve their quality of work.