The majority of house burglaries affecting Pringle Bay and Rooi Els have for the last few weeks been of such a nature that criminals seem to target houses that are occupied by residents or tenants. Their modus operandi is to wait and watch their intended victims from a concealed position amongst the bushes in close proximity to the premises and then wait until occupants of the house are asleep before entering the premises, but we have seen a few cases as of recent in which burglaries have occurred earlier in the evenings while occupants are still awake and there is either no alarm system fitted at the premises or the alarm system is present but not activated.

Entry is gained by removing a glass window pane and this method allows the criminals to surreptitiously gain access in order to steal valuables.

In most cases the incidents only get reported the following morning once people wake up and notice valuables are missing. The valuables that are usually taken are flat screen TV sets, cell phones, iPads, iPhones, laptops, jewellery, wallets with bank cards and even cash amongst other things. One unfortunate incident has occurred in which a local resident living alone had suffered minor injuries due to being robbed and this is a reminder that we cannot drop our guard and the need for standing together as a community needs to be taken seriously. What is surprising to us in the security industry is that clients are paying for a service which they do not make use of.

Your alarm system must be tested regularly including panic buttons and if your alarm is not structured in such a way that you can arm it at night then we strongly advise that you contact your local security service provider in order to have your security situation at your property re-assessed accordingly. Your safety is of paramount importance and it is not worth it in the end to rely on chance. The reason why these criminals are targeting our area is simply because people are not practising effective home security when the resources to do so are in most cases already in place.




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